Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ski to Sea Race: 93.5 Mile Relay Race

2011 Ski to Sea Mountain Bike leg at Hovander Park.

It's one of our favorite times of the year! The Ski to Sea race is finally here!  It's the Epic relay race that gathers top athletes from around the globe & mixes them with the everyday folk like us that love the camaraderie & cultural relevance of the race (and hey I'm not gonna lie..the parties aren't too bad either!).  For over a 100 years the community where we call home has been hosting a version of this race. Even the children have the Jr. Ski to Sea Race! The races are a vital part of our community. Engaging friendships, teamwork, community involvement, civic responsibility & civic opportunities.

It begins with 500 teams at Mt.Baker Ski Resort with the cross country skier racing 4 miles & passing to the downhill skier or snowboarder. The skier/snowboarder runs up the slope (no ski lifts here) with all gear and shreds down a 2.5 mile loop. Next, the runner will charge down the mountain for 8 miles trying to keep their toe nails in tact as the pavement pounding actions takes its toll. The road bike travels for 42.5 miles past Maple Falls and ends in Nooksak where the 2 canoeist  take over. 18.5 miles later they will end in Ferndale at the beautiful Hovander Park and pass off the ever important wrist band that is tracking each of their times to the mountain biker who will carry-on and end at Squalicum Harbor 13 miles later. Last, the sea kayaker will embark in the open waters of Bellingham Bay for 5 miles (4.3 nautical miles). The commencement of the race is at Marine Park in Fairhaven.

It's a lot to follow, huh? A number of years ago I was the cross country skier on the team.  It was a blast to plan & be part of the race but I was passed by a lot of skiers on the course which bruised my ego-ha!  My husband has taken over and he has participated in the mountain bike & snowboard legs. As I'm typing this he is carpooling up the mountain to embark on the canoe leg of the race for the first time.  I look forward to meeting him at the end of the race at Hovander Park to hear how canoe adventure went.

                                                  Go Team Lucid!

By the way, if you see the Girl Scouts at the many recycling & waste centers please listen to them....they are helping keep our community green.  They like high fives too!

*A special thank you to Lucid Consulting for inviting us to be part of this tradition. I wonder if superman will show up today ;-)

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