Wednesday, May 23, 2012

50th Anniversary Table Decor & Cupcakes

               My folks have been married for 50 years.

                       Typing this feels strange to me. 

Maybe part of the problem lies in the fact that I think I'm still a 20 something (ha!). How could they possibly be at the age where they are celebrating being married for 50 years? The other part of this feeling may stem from that fact that my folks are active, healthy & independent. No blue hair here.  They travel, navigate and cruise on their boat to far away places like Alaska, Canada and the San Juan Islands. They fish, crab and shrimp in all waters and conditions. They are still entertaining friends and family into the wee hours of the night.  Yes, it's true, my folks are good fun. They are also an inspiration in enduring love & youthful living!

 My mom is a gifted story teller & amazing hostess.  My dad is an excellent listener and no-nonsense sounding board. It's a certain magic that they have together. They are the kind of folks that other people want to be around. They are dynamic, engaging, interesting & sincere. They are the kind of parents that love their family and friends.  It was fitting, then, to throw a party for them in the spirit of the occasion.     

                       Embellishing the night with gold in 
           honor of their 50th wedding anniversary.

My sisters cupcakes & La Patisseri's round cake

Our kids & nephews decorated white frosting with edible gold color mist! Love this product.

Wilton edible heart sprinkles...lovely.

A simple gold ribbon placed at each end of our rented tablecloth. Thanks Master Rentals.

Each gold lame fabric star was hand cut from material by my brother in law.

The stems of the fresh flowers are resting in a small piece of bubble wrap.
This helps them float.

Faux crystal bowls and tongs found in a four pack at Dollar Tree

Gold truffles boxes house the magnificent Modern Dwellers truffles.

*A special thank you to my 3 sisters, 2 brothers, nephews, my husband & kids! Of course to our family friends who created the slide show, photography and the music, what lovely gifts you have given our families...many mahalos to you! A big thank you to Modern Dwellers for the amazing truffles that vanished from the tables as quickly as the evening. 



  1. Hi Freida- What a great Blog!! The pictures are beautiful.Thank you, as well as your brothers and sisters for inviting us to this greeeeeaaaaat party. We so enjoyed seeing all of you and being able to participate in such a super event for two wonderful friends.

    Love and hugs, Carol Barrow

  2. Hi Carol,
    Thank you! So glad you like it. It was so nice to catch up with you both. Thank you for celebrating with us & sharing memories.



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