Sunday, May 6, 2012

Girl Scouts Northern Camp Work Party

Once in awhile you're given a chance to be a part of something from the beginning.  An opportunity to serve in a way beyond the usual modes. Yesterday was such a day.

As soon as Whatcom County permitting is complete, Girl Scouts throughout the state will have the chance to enjoy the pristine Northern Camp. To say the site is dreamy may be a bit of an understatement.  As you enter the 100 acre property surrounded by forest, you are greeted by a vast meadow & a pond centered ever so perfectly.  Apple trees are scattered near the pond, covered in moss and years of neglect, they offer clues to the wildlife that will share the hundred acre property.

We discovered bear claw scratches on the trunks of trees, deer prints in the mud & animal trails on the outskirts. Ducks glide quietly on the glacier formed pond letting us go about our work of sanding & staining the wood, reclaimed from fallen trees at the Girl Scout Camp in Carnation, WA. Building benches for the camp site, chopping and stacking wood for camp fires.  All things that make a Mom's heart proud...seeing your daughter use power tools, paint brushes/rollers & strength to build something in the spirit of service, with the encouragement & support of Troop Leaders.

Work Crew adjacent to the pump house

Trail from the parking lot to the camp sites, flanked by scotch broom

A special thank-you to our troop leader, Becky & all the other Girl Scout staff and volunteers who have been working on developing this property since 2006.

Tent Sites

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