Sunday, January 1, 2012

Learning the difference between try and triumph

Living adjacent to a world class ski and snow area is a privilege but carving out time and money to enjoy the powder can be challenging.  Balance that with understanding your children's abilities, drive and motivation to learn and you have a recipe for building confidence, trust and family bonding that creates life long memories.

Our ten year old locked into his snowboard bindings for the first time and showed a willingness to learn and a quiet determination.  He skipped the lesson and the rope tow. He hopped on the lift bravely. He held steady and carved his own way down the run. Again and again.

Our second day at Mt. Baker was on New Year's Eve and the weather and mountain conditions were spectacular.  It was our first time together, including our 8 year old.  She went at her own pace and in her own way, leaving her lesson a little early only to get back out there to board and hike, hike and board.  Attempting the rope tow a few times proved fruitless but she was not deterred.  She wanted to stay on the fresh 12" with the sun on her face and icicle studded mountains in the background.  So we boarded and hiked back up the little hill, over and over. Being on the mountain as a family was so incredibly rewarding. I am thankful.

                    The difference between try and triumph is a little "umph".


  1. We were up skiing on new years eve day too. A fab day. We are all over the mt as a family now and its so fun. I love spending time with them this way.

  2. Fab day! Glad we could share in the moment...I totally relate. Way to go Collins kids!

  3. Amy T, Glad you were able to enjoy it yesterday with all your boys...what an amazing day! One of these days hopefully we'll see you up there (when we graduate from chair #2)!

  4. Amy, so happy to share with you and J. too! It's amazing that our boys are cruising the lift and slopes together...seems like yesterday that we were in the "fun with one's" class!


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