Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas

The holidays can be stressful. That feeling of being pulled in so many different directions while balancing your own needs. Maybe you're working with a tight budget, like us, so it adds another layer of complication.  Maybe you are navigating loss....we have friends & family who are, multiple families & different kinds of loss. Perhaps you are battling health complications. Whatever is weighing heavily on you today or tomorrow or in the coming months, I hope that you are able to feel love & support from your family or friends or community.

Sometimes it just means reaching out. A friend recently posted online that she was enduring health challenges and having a hard time taking care of her family meals.  I called others and we banded together to bring meals to her.  I would not have known that she needed assistance with meals if she had not reached out.  I hope you will reach out, too, in friendship or need.

                             Happy Holidays!


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