Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sucia Island Family Camping & Boating

Sucia Island State Park is located in the San Juan Islands north of Orcas Island. A mere 564 acres, according to Wikipeida, Named by Spanish Captain Elisa in the late 1700's, Sucia means dirty or foul in Spanish.  The name is attributed to the submerged reefs and dangerous rocks along the islands shoreline. Despite the name, Sucia is consistantly ranked as one of the top boating destinations in the world.

Part of the island was acquired by The Washington State Parks and Rec Commisssion in the 50's. The remainder of the island was eyed by developers wanting to create vacation lots. In the 60's The Recreational Boaters Club purchased the remaining land from the developers for $25,000 and donated it to the State Parks for use as a Marine Park. Our family is thankful! Our annual Sucia camping and boating trip is the highlight of our summer.

The beauty and terrain are unmatched, offering an isthmus of east and west ocean beach access in a matter of steps. Hiking beyond sandstone cliffs, discovering the sweet scent of ripe blackberries, taking a dip in the cool ocean waters & kayaking in the bay. 

What else can you do on an island offering just running water? Besides leaving most electronics at home and turning off our mobile phones, we build campfires, play bocce ball, football, have airsoft wars (with bio degradable pellets) & of course we eat.

Jerry's famous oysters & Mom's amazing bloody mary's.

Hobo pack. Dash of olive oil, buffalo sausage, kale, red onion, sweet potato, garlic scapes, green onion, salt and pepper

Hobo pack. Dash of olive oil, broccoli, mushrooms, carrots, kale & garlic scapes.

Bocce Ball

Blogger isn't allowing me to add additional photos. Tomorrow I will share our campsite details and more.


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