Monday, December 12, 2011

Cupid's Creamy Peppermint Punch

I served this punch at my daughter's 5th birthday party and the entire punch bowl was empty at the end of the afternoon.  I also served this at my annual cookie exchange and the punch truly has appeal to both kids and adults.

2 liters club soda
1.5 quarts Dreyer's peppermint ice cream
1 quart of egg nog
Crushed candy canes or sugar sticks to garnish

Mix the first 3 ingredients (ice cream should soften a bit before adding). Sprinkle with candies.  This can be made up to 2 hours ahead, just place it in the fridge.

Yield: 1 gallon

Decorating idea: line the rim of the punch bowl with mini candy canes

Recipe adapted from Southern Living Annual Recipes 2004


  1. This might be JUST the thing to get me to try egg nog! Looks yummy!

  2. It is so tasty! I had some leftover this week & decided to pour it into a pitcher to enjoy still had some carbonation and tasted delightful the next day!


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