Saturday, November 26, 2011

Holiday Party Invitations


    Tis the season for entertaining & I have the pleasure of assisting Mom & Dad with their holiday party in December.  My folks' parties are legendary.  The stage is set with holiday decor classically adorning all areas of their home. No detail goes unattended to; including the exterior of the marina home & boat.  The strategy is to begin unpacking & setting up before Thanksgiving.  They welcome their children and grand children’s help but Dad is still climbing the ladder to the second story of the house and fixing the artificial tree that crowns the tower of the boat.  He is an inspiration!

    In preparation of the party, I have printed the invitation on beautiful card stock paper kits that Mom purchased at Tuesday Morning.  The "Anna Griffin Inc" kits are sold in packs of 10, regular price $25.00, sale price $17.99, reduced to $9.99 then in the clearance section at $3.99.  We love a bargain!!  My favorite part of this invitation is the dimension that the reindeer adds with his proud stance and handsome antlers.
    This weekend we will continue decorating and most importantly menu planning. Mom's menu is always thoughtfully planned with an amazing variety of delicious food.   My first post is filled with bragging, but trust me, it's merited.  Photos of home & boat decor soon.....

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